Providing Cost Effective Solutions

Praxis Environmental Technologies, Inc. is an engineering firm headquartered in Burlingame, California.  We provide environmental engineering services to government and industry clients throughout the United States, including Alaska.   We are nationally recognized for the remediation of hazardous waste sites and technology development.  Our professional staff has established a reputation as experts in a wide variety of environmental applications for the Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, and various commercial clients.

Our company was established in March 1993 and has provided outstanding environmental engineering services since.  Our specialty is providing cost effective solutions to difficult environmental engineering problems by efficiently integrating multiple technologies. 

The solution starts with defining the problem.  We have developed characterization technologies to define the contaminant source and its properties.  Our most widely applied characterization technology is Pneulog.   For remediation, we have utilized conventional extraction technologies and thermal enhancements, as well as in situ destruction technologies such as chemical oxidation and microbial degradation.  Our customers value our thinking outside the box to develop the most cost effective exit strategy.

Pneulog® Services

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